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Cheap & Green

First sold in 1983, Winter Green Couch is quick-growing and keeps its dark green olive colour throughout the colder months. This turf is often called “an oldie but a goodie" and is used for a variety of purposes even today. Growing well in sub-tropical and warm temperate zones, Winter Green Couch is ‘cheap and green'. As it has some frost sensitivity, this turf is best laid in full sun with 6 hours sunlight each day. However, Winter Green Couch has only low tolerance to saline soils. Finally, this variety is good wearing and is suitable for local sporting grounds.

Best in full sun
Great winter colour
Suits sports fields
Good heat tolerance

Common use Sports fields and Golf or bowls and Parks and Residential and Roadsides
Best climate Subtropical and Tropical and Temperate
Preferred mowing height 10mm - 30mm
Shade tolerance Poor
Wear tolerance Moderate
Cold tolerance Moderate
Heat tolerance Good
Salinity tolerance Poor
Water requirement Low
Fertiliser requirement High
Mowing frequency High
Thatch production Moderate


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