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Outstanding Heat Tolerance

Hailing from central Florida, Palmetto® Buffalo has a coarse texture with dark green leaves. This variety has outstanding heat tolerance in high and low humidity climates. It also possesses reasonable cold tolerance and handles frosts well. Furthermore, this all-rounder handles shade and salinity well. Having a deep root system, Palmetto® Buffalo has medium wear tolerance with new runners assisting in recovery. We do not recommend this variety for high traffic areas.

Dark green leaves
Great in hotter climates
Handles frosts we
 Fairly good wear tolerance

Common use Residential and Parks
Ideal climate Subtropical and Tropical and Temperate
Preferred mowing height 30mm - 50mm
Shade tolerance Good
Wear tolerance Moderate
Cold tolerance Good
Heat tolerance Good
Salinity tolerance Moderate
Water requirement Moderate
Fertiliser requirement Low
Mowing frequency High
Thatch production High


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