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A Shade Tolerant Variety

Aussie Blue Couch has a fine to medium texture with a soft leaf. It is primarily used for residential and commercial lawns as well as some parks. To maintain Aussie Blue Couch, frequent mowing is required. Aussie Blue Couch has great weed resistance and seed head can be kept to a minimum with regular mowing. This turf has poor wear tolerance but can recover using its rapidly spreading runners. Finally, Aussie Blue is more shade tolerant than Queensland Blue Couch.

Ideal for domestic lawns
Moderate shade tolerance
Not recommended for high traffic areas

Common use Residential and Parks
Best climate Subtropical and Tropical
Preferred mowing height 15mm - 40mm
Shade tolerance Moderate
Wear tolerance Poor
Cold tolerance Poor
Heat tolerance Good
Salinity tolerance Poor
Water requirement Moderate
Fertiliser requirement Low
Mowing frequency High
Thatch production Moderate


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