A Class Turf professional turf layers install your new turf for you with minimal interruption to your daily activities and will ensure that your turf is positioned for success. With a roll of turf weighing up to 20 kilograms and special care required, laying turf is a job best left to the experts at A Class Turf.

A Class Turf follow strict protocols every time we lay new turf. With our 4 step process, your new lawn, playing field or parklands will be looking great in no time

A Class Turf will apply a fertiliser before laying your turf. This gives your new grass a kickstart and helps with rooting
During this stage, we will begin professionally installing your new turf. Over the years we have honed our skills and can successfully lay your turf with minimal fuss and damage. We will peg any grass on a hilly area and avoid leaving gaps as this may allow weeds to grow.
Top dressing your new lawn greatly increases its establishment by helping it retain extra moisture and reducing transplant shock. We will spread out a suitable lawn mix soil immediately after laying your turf, paying special attention to joins and low areas.
Finally, we’ll give your new lawn a decent drink to facilitate transition to its new home. We will also roll the turf to remove any remaining air pockets.

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